How we work to live stream you Conference or Event

Author: Epnet Live xStreamists Epnet Live xStreamists in everything we do!

We use the latest technology, Internet webcasting content delivered in real-time, as events happen using our portable editing studio and Wi-Fi LTE broadband. Your Event is ‘beamed’ in an instant all around the world. Colleagues and partners are able to attend from anywhere by effortlessly going to their web browser.

Epnet are experienced with over 200 hours of live streaming in 2016. We make it easy to enhance your special occasion, make it cheaper and reach a wider audience. Our experienced team arrives on-site early to setup before the event commences. With portable video editing hardware, encoder, HD cameras, camera lighting and audio connections. Test broadcasting is conducted to check the encoding and available Wi-Fi speed.

We film with up to three cameras, edit live and stream live. We also offer cheaper solutions like a one camera service, our costs start at only R4,700 per hour, if you need a simpler production. Home page

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